WordPress Sofia Meetup Digital Unconference

Here’s my presentation at the Digital Unconference, organised by the WordPress Sofia Meetup.

The title is “When you’ve just got a brand new office, but you have to work from home – how to move and motivate your team for remote work amidst the COVID-19 crisis”. It comes from my personal experience on how my team at Hlebarov.com and I managed to shift our work and habits.

Video and presentation are in Bulgarian.

WordCamp Plovdiv 2019

My talk at the WordCamp Plovdiv 2019.

Title is “WordPress support done the right way or WordPress operations happiness?”.

WordPress support is a topic of epic myth scale. Agencies and freelances have different approaches on how to do it and in many cases it’s wrong. Why? It’s because not that they something wrong, but how the clients feel at the end and how their clients’ websites perform. This talk will discuss some good practices and how to make sure we have WordPress happiness.

Talk is in Bulgarian.

WordCamp Sofia 2017

My talk at the WordCamp Sofia 2017.

Title of the talk – “Content Interfaces – content quality without technical details”.

I’m touching on the mostly popular visual editors, specifics on content editing, WordPress theme settings and actually to make things happen so that clients do update and use their websites. How we, as developers, to enable content writing and update to be a trivial task rather than a technical frustration to backend users.

Talk is in Bulgarian.

WordCamp Varna 2017

Talking at the very first WordCamp Varna 2017.

Topic of the presentation is “Building usable WordPress interfaces for clients”.

Talk is in Bulgarian.