Sofia-Dragoman-Godech-Sofia Mototrip

Here’s a great idea for a quick trip with friends for a Sunday ride. It’s about 123km, takes about a Sunday morning to complete.

You start from Sofia and ride to Dragoman. After Dragoman, you go for Golemo Malovo to have a look at the Dragoman Marshlands. Great photo spot. Also the road to Golemo Malovo is brand new – enjoy reving your bike on this straight piece of road.

After seeing the marshlands, you can go back to the Chepan district of Dragoman and then take the road to Godech. The road is also quite new, road conditions are ok, but be aware of sand and pebbles on road – it might get slippery on the road.

After reaching Godech, you go for the Petrohan road. On it you can get back to Sofia. A flavor twist to the ride is to get to the village of Balsha and then get back to town.

It’s a great Sunday ride, try it and share you opinions!